Twitter-related domains for sale


I've been holding on to a bunch of domain names with plans for all of them, but I've decided that I'm unlikely to ever get around to using them, so I've decided to put them up for sale.

Rather than use an auction site I'll be accepting offers by email on stuart at 3ft9 dot com until the end of July. The highest offer at midnight for each of the domains on August 1st, 2010 will win. Anyone making a bid will receive an email notifying them if they're outbid. If people end up fighting for any of the domains I'll continue to take bids into August until there's only one bidder left.

I will accept payment in lots of different ways - ask me if you want to make sure your method will be acceptable. I'm based in the UK and it will be your responsibility to cover any charges incurred by your chosen method.

These previously hosted the TwitApps service, which I shut down last year. I also released the source code so if you wanted to recreate the service with the same domain name (it's linked to from a number of sites, including Techcrunch) you now have the opportunity to do that.

If you buy these domain names (I'm also happy to split them, but not sure why you'd want that), I'd be happy to make myself available at my usual hourly rate to get the site back up and running, and/or finish v2, and/or provide support/maintenance as necessary. Actually, I'd be happy to do that for anyone, whether it's with these domains or not :).

The new owner of will also get the twitter accounts @twitapps, @tareplies and <a href="">@tafollows thrown in. The ta* accounts can be used to control the TwitApps service via direct messages.

I was going to use this for smaller one-off utilities like unfollowing everyone, or unfollowing people who don't follow you, cross-referencing the followers of a group of users and following the commonalities; basically anything that you wouldn't register with and use all the time. Can't see myself getting around to that unfortunately.

There is no site that goes with these domains.

Twooer was going to be a system that created a website by reading tweets from a number of different accounts and periodically updating a static website that presented them. Kinda like an aggregated micro blog. It was going to be open source, and would include options to process tweets to pull out images, videos, sites, etc, much like a lot of the web-based clients do.

This is one I may get back to at some point, but as of now there's not much to it so there's not much point releasing the code.

This would make an ideal domain for a number of ideas floating around my head, and I'm sure you can think of a few more.

My plan for this was an alternative to TwitterFeed. Another idea I never got around to implementing, which is a shame because they could do with some decent competition!

And a few others

I also have the following available but they've not directly Twitter-related. Let me know if you're interested in any of these...


This isn't particularly related to this post but I have some consulting availability opening up shortly, so if you want to discuss retaining my services for whatever reason, let me know. Book now to avoid disappointment!

That's all folks

Remember that while browsing my domain names, if you break it you buy it! My email address for any enquiries is stuart at 3ft9 dot com.


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