Systems Administration

We are well-versed in both legacy server stacks and more modern implementations. The environments in which we usually work involve some combination of Linux, Apache, lighttpd, nginx, FastCGI, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, but our expertise is not limited to these core technologies.

While we tend to focus on Linux we do have limited experience with other server operating systems, and where we don’t we have trusted partners who do.

Infrastructure design

When we build infrastructure solutions we focus on balancing scalability, performance and ease of maintenance, guided by your requirements. This often requires us to look at the software being executed as it can have a massive impact on the optimum server arrangement. In the past we have dived head-first into large and complex -- and often undocumented -- systems to extract the overall architecture which we can then use to design the most efficient and stable infrastructure.


We are equipped to source, configure and install servers for almost any purpose, whether physical or cloud-based. If there is a requirement we cannot meet through our usual contacts we will research and select an appropriate partner who can.


We have a range of maintenance contracts available, covering day-to-day housekeeping and monitoring, emergency response and ad-hoc tasks.

If the prospect or reality of unstable servers, hit-and-miss uptime, or impending growth is keeping you up at night, give us a shout and we’ll work together to reach the optimum solution so you can sleep soundly.