• Are you starting a new software/website/mobile project?
  • Do you have hundreds of thousands of lines of existing code and you know "the problem" is in there somewhere?
  • Are you experiencing the joyful pain of scalability issues?
  • Do you have an ageing piece of software and want to plan the best way to upgrade or replace?
  • Do you have gaps in your disaster recovery plan?

Whatever you need, if it's related to software we can almost certainly help, even if it's just to point you in the right direction. Talk to us and we'll see what we can do.

Software Architecture and Development

We design and build software solutions. From corporate websites to social networks to foreign exchange trading systems, we've worked on a wide variety of projects in a diverse range of industries. Whether you have an idea you want to explore, you're embarking on a new project, or you have an existing system that could benefit from improvements, we can help.

Systems Administration

Having the right server architecture in place is essential to ensuring that your software runs as efficiently, safely and securely as possible. We know about security, scalability and disaster recovery. Whether you want an independent review of your current arrangements or are building your infrastructure from scratch, we will work with you to achieve the best solution.

General Consulting

In addition to the above we can also assist with SEO optimisation, development procedures, usability, product stragey and much more. Let's have a chat to discuss what we can do for you.