Server move:

As part of an ongoing process we've just completed moving to a new server. This fixes a number of issues, primarily the reliability of notifications and it now supports SSL sites.

If you've not seen it before then here's what you need to know about

  • Allows you to check any domain name or URL to see if the HTTP service is responding correctly. Most commonly you'd use this to see if you're the only one having problems.
  • If any problems are found you'll get as detailed an error message as is possible.
  • The site will also offer to continually check it for the next 24 hours and will notify you by email and optionally with a tweet as soon as it's working properly again. If it's still not working after 24 hours you'll get notified of that too. was created as a test for some of the technology behind a server monitoring service we have in development. More details on that coming soon.

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