Salamander Control Suite


I decided to sort out two of my external hard drives today - haven't used either for a long time. Unfortunately one of them has died so I won't be getting anything off that. The other one however has turned up some gems from my past. I'm not done sorting yet, but I took some time out to package up an old project I found so I could release it.

Salamander Control Suite (SCS) is a utility I wrote a few years back to help out the tech support guys. At that point it was called VNC Manager but it turns out that already exists, so before I could release it I had to rename it. Can't remember where Salamander came from - I'm sure it's not a great story!

Anyhoo, I left the company I was working for at the time about 3 years back and since then I've had no interaction with VNC at all so the project holds very little interest for me these days. So I decided to package it up and release the code in case it's of any use to anyone.

License-wise I feel no need to control this source in any way, so I'm putting it into the public domain. However, if you use it I'd really love it if you could drop me an email at stuart -at- Enjoy.

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