Travel Weekly Group

Working closely with their internal stakeholder, we architected and built a social networking website for TWG, focused on providing travel-related news in a social environment. After researching off-the-shelf social networks we decided, in conjunction with the client, that the best course of action was to develop a bespoke system.

The solution has a service oriented architecture and makes use of a wide range of technologies including PHP, MongoDB, Node.js, Java, Redis, Memcached, beanstalkd and neo4j. Each service exposes an HTTP API, largely following REST semantics, and with strict separation of roles and responsibilities it features the ability to scale horizontally as usage grows.

We used Chef to maintain a consistent server environment, along with Vagrant to enable developers to run a local instance of an identically configured server. We used Git to manage the source code, JIRA for project management, and utilised Scrum to structure the development process.

The initial system was developed exclusively by 3ft9 Ltd, with additional contracters brought in to build the frontend. We are currently expanding the team to accelerate the development of new features following a positive response to the recent beta launch.

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Travel Weekly Group
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