When we started working with Favorit Ltd they were working on a blog aggregation service. The service was aggregating 1000s of blogs to bring users the latest and best news from around the web. We helped out with occasional ad-hoc development on this project from its inception. Favorit pivoted this project in to Tweetmeme (see below) and then further developed the core technology to build DataSift.


Favorit contacted us to discuss the development of a site to track URLs being posted on Twitter towards the end of 2007. In early 2008 3ft9 architected, developed and delivered a complete and scalable solution over a long weekend.

The result is called Tweetmeme and it easily survived the initial burst of visitors when launched and went on to enjoy a healthy level of traffic. The service was shut down by MediaSift Ltd (the company's new name) in October 2012.

Since that initial launch we’ve been involved in many of the major developments including a live view of incoming URLs and a comprehensive search engine.


Thanks to the success of Tweetmeme we were contacted once again by Favorit to discuss a new idea they had for a Twitter-based site. TwitOrFit encouraged Twitter users to log in and rate their fellow twitterers on a scale of twit to fit. Once registered a user could spread their personal URL and encourage other users to rate them.

Again 3ft9 architected, developed and delivered a complete and scalable solution in a couple of days and the architecture easily handled the deluge of traffic from the hordes of users it attracted at launch and for the following few months.

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